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Mackay, Queensland, Australia

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Wakeboarding / Water Skiing / Cable Wake Park News

New WakeScout Listing! El Cable Wake Park / San Rafael, Argentina

El Cable Wake Park offers all adventure sports in one place!
They created a private lake with a cable system to wakeboard and wake skate on. Then they added a couple of great features that will make your experience unforgettable-

KICKER: 4m long, 2m wide and 1.40m high. Made with a smooth curvature, the kicker is designed for beginners to gain confidence on, while more advanced riders can gain a lot of height and be aggressive.

BOX: 12m long and 1m wide, you'll ramp up on both sides with a height of 50cm. Ideal for beginners to begin rotating on modules and make their first tricks.

The Wake Academy at El Cable provides expert instruction for both beginners and advanced riders.

They also offer paddle surfing....


Liquid Force Summer Jam
January 26-27
Bli Bli Wake Park
Bli Bli, Queensland, Australia

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