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With more than 100 different water sports entities located throughout the state, Florida makes for an ideal destination for waterskiing and wakeboarding fans. In the north, near Panama Beach and Jacksonville, schools such as WakeXtreme, Cory Pickos Waterski & Wakeboard School and X Camp offer instruction for riders of all levels in wakeboarding, wake surfing, wake skating, waterskiing, kneeboarding and barefooting. The Gulf coast, from Clearwater to Cape Coral, is dotted with marinas such as Don and Mike's Boat Rental, Tierra Verde Boat Rentals, Cannons Marina, etc., each of which offers waterski and wakeboard boat rentals.

The Orlando area is chock full of schools, like Swiss Ski Resort, Sunset Lakes, Tgas Ski School, Freedom Wake Park, Ski Fluid, The Projects and many others. The same is true of Miami, which offers endless instruction choices for waterskiers and wakeboarders such as Miami Watersports Paradise, Gator Bait Wakeboard School of Miami, and the Broward Ski & Wakeboard School. Florida is also home to 10 wake parks located throughout the state, offering some of the best riding found anywhere in the world.

Clearwater Beach

Fort Myers

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Our listings fall into (6) categories, providing riders and skiers with a multitude of ways to get on the water in Florida-

RESORTS offering water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, etc. to their guests.

CLUBS welcoming non-members to join them for a day, providing an opportunity to water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, wake surf, etc. anytime you're away from home or just looking for a club to join.

SCHOOLS offering instruction and training in a variety of water sports.

CHARTERS that will take you out on the water so you can enjoy your favorite water sport by providing the boat, driver and equipment. In most cases they also offer instruction.

CABLE WAKE PARKS. No boat required. Just show up, grab a handle and hit the water.

MARINAS offering water ski and wakeboard boats for rent, as well as water skis and wakeboards if you are traveling without your gear.

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