Exo Cable Park / La Motte du Rhône- ,

Exo Cable Park / La Motte du Rhône

Cable Wake Park

Phone: +33 (0)4 90 34 95 27


La Motte Du Rhône, Provence Alpes Côte D`Azur 84840

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EXO SAS is dedicated to the development of marine recreation. EXO currently operates five water-lift dedicated to the practice of Wakeboard and Water-skiing, one of which is EXO 84 Lamotte du Rhône (Bolène near Montelimar, Orange, Avignon).


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Hours of Operation:
April-October. Please see the schedule on the Exoloisirs website for detail.

Reservations Required:

Other details

  • Boat(s) in Use:
  • Available Gear:
  • Wake Park Details:

    5 tower with 2 kickers, 2 sliders, A frame and box. Also a 2 tower system.

  • School Class Size:
  • Charter Group Size:
  • On-site Accommodations:

  • Club requirements for participation:

Water details

  • Water Located On: Lac des Grezes Hautes
  • Water Temperature:
  • Wind Pattern:
  • Other Watercraft Traffic: