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Watersportcentre Eijkelhof

Cable Wake Park

Phone: +31 598 433 733


  Bergweg 2
Veendam, Groningen 9642LV

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Watersports Centre Eijkelhof was founded by Gerard Eijkelhof and consists of two sites: Aquatics Centre Veendam and Watersports Centre Eijkelhof in Olst. Veendam you can go for water sports on the cable car and in Olst you can practice various water behind the boat. Veendam The cable car in Veendam is suitable for a nice day out, the avid boater or just when you want a snack or a drink after a long walk. Watersports Centre in Veendam you can exercise your water sport of choice from a cable. You hereby include a choice of: wakeboarding, water skiing, mono skiing or knee boarding. Watersports Centre at Veendam operates a group of specialist staff who ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience. This team is composed of specialized instructors and boaters. Olst Whenever a like water-skiing behind a boat, wakeboarding or mono-ski? Or would you prefer to try the new trend Hydrofoiling? This is all at our location in Olst. Here we offer several water sports behind the boat. At our location in Olst you get taught by Gerard Eijkelhof, by the NWWB (Dutch Waterski Association) certified instructor.


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Hours of Operation:
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  • Boat(s) in Use:
  • Available Gear: All needed
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  • Water Located On: Private lake
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