Ermal Cable Park- ,

Ermal Cable Park

Cable Wake Park

Phone: +351 53 64 86 65

Alternate Phone: +351 53 64 86 65


  Albufeira do Ermal (Santa Marta - Rossas)
Vieira Do Minho, Braga 4850

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Situated in Albufeira do Ermal (Santa Marta - Rossas) and approximately 6 km from the town, our teleski is center has at its disposal a wide range of skis: mono-ski; biped - ski; or ski with a plank as well as a boat to transport people who may fall along the way.


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Hours of Operation:
Open every day. High Season: 9am to 9pm / Low Season: 9am to 7pm

Reservations Required:

Other details

  • Boat(s) in Use:
  • Available Gear:
  • Wake Park Details:

  • School Class Size:
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Water details

  • Water Located On: Albufeira da Barragem do Ermal
  • Water Temperature:
  • Wind Pattern:
  • Other Watercraft Traffic: