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Liverpool Wake Park

Cable Wake Park

Phone: +44 0151 230 8247


  110 Mariners Wharf
Liverpool Watersports Centre
Liverpool, Liverpool L34DG
United Kingdom

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Liverpool Wake Park is the fun way to enjoy the famous Liverpool Docks! We have two cable systems that have transformed the Queens Branch Dock into a waterspace that resembles a floating skate or snow park! There are 11 obstacles that wakeboarders and wake skaters can use to perform tricks.

Our wake park features some of the most progressive and cutting edge wakeboard features anywhere in Europe! We have created a progression ladder through the park. No matter what standard you are at, there is an obstacle for you to use and an obstacle for you to progress onto and dream of hitting. The better you get the more there is to play on!

We operate with 2 Sesitec System 2.0 cable tows and we have obstacles on both systems. One system is called the South Park and is designed for beginner to intermediate and the other is called the North Park and is designed for intermediate to pro riders.

The South Park is the progression park, this is where riders can come and learn new tricks in mega quick time. The lines through the park are designed to be easy and mellow. You can learn to wakeboard on this park, learn to hit your first kicker, get your first air trick dialed in, or just generally progress your rail riding and kicker skills.

The North Park is our pride and joy. The North Park is designed for intermediate to pro riders and features obstacles with unique hits, technical features and super fun lines.


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    (2) Sesitec 2.0s. (2) small kickers / Box 52' long / (2) large kickers / Rooftop rail / Transfer box / Incline / UNIT Handrail

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  • Water Located On: Liverpool Docks
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