Cardiff Bay Wakeboarding- ,

Cardiff Bay Wakeboarding

Cable Wake Park



  Schooner Way
East Bute Dock off Atlantic Wharf
Cardiff, Wales CF10 4EU
United Kingdom

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Cardiff Bay Wakeboarding will be a Cable Ski Park that allows participants to enjoy towed watersports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing without the use of a boat. The system operates using an elevated cable that travels around a ‘course’, held into place by 5 pylons. The rider holds onto a tow handle attached to the cable and is then pulled around the course. Several participants can enjoy the cable ski with up to 9 riders being able to ride the cable at any single point in time.

The Cable Ski Park will be situated in Cardiff’s East Bute Dock. We will make full use of the local amenities to create a sporting venue that attracts a wide range of participants of all ages, from newcomers to enthusiasts. The cable course itself will run for 735metres in length, utilizing a stretch of 310metres of the East Bute Dock.

Target Opening: March 2014


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Hours of Operation:

Reservations Required:

Other details

  • Boat(s) in Use:
  • Available Gear: Yes
  • Wake Park Details:

    735m / 5 pylon full system

  • School Class Size:
  • Charter Group Size:
  • On-site Accommodations:

  • Club requirements for participation:

Water details

  • Water Located On: Bute East Dock
  • Water Temperature:
  • Wind Pattern:
  • Other Watercraft Traffic: