Jibtopia Wake Park    Semora, North Carolina    Wakeboarding / Water Skiing Listing Info

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Jibtopia Wake Park

We are riders. We simply love the sport. We want to share the indescribable feeling of shredding the water with as many people as we can, while simultaneously growing & strengthening our wakeboard scene & community as a whole. That's why we've spent 2 years designing and building the best wake park we could possibly dream up. So we invite you to come enjoy the sport, enjoy our park, & spread the love.

Jibtopia offers amazing wakeboarding and fun for people of all ages and skill levels!

  15669 Hwy 119
Semora, North Carolina
United States

(336) 813-0864


Yes! Everything from wakeboard & bindings, to wakeskates, helmets, & life jackets!

(3) System 2.0s with cannon rail, jump, flat rail, double flat rail, A-frame with extension.

Bring your tent, your RV, or rent one of our RV's! We also have a bath-house, complete with 6 bathrooms & 6 showers.

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