Jibtopia Wake Park    Semora, North Carolina

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Jibtopia Wake Park

Jibtopia is a cable wake park that was built by a bunch of riders that are passionate about getting on the water. They are continually adding the latest in features to provide riders with the best wake park they could possibly dream up. They just want to share the indescribable feeling of shredding the water with as many people as they can, while simultaneously growing & strengthening the wakeboard scene.

Jibtopia offers amazing riding conditions for riders of all ages and skill levels! There are (3) Sesitec System 2.0s in 3 separate pools of water. Pool 1 offers a hand rail, kink ledge, hubba ledge, triple dipple, incline rail and an incredible new pool rail that features 10 new rails in 1. Pool 2 features include a big kicker, medium kicker, dance floor, roof top and a flat rail with bank walls. Pool 3 offers smooth water and no features-perfect for beginners.

If you’re interested in learning to wakeboard or work on improving any aspect of your riding, Jibtopia offers 5-day wakeboard clinics throughout the summer.

Regarding equipment, Jibtopia has everything you'll need for a great day of riding- from Liquid Force wakeboard & bindings, to wakeskates, helmets, & life jackets!

When you're not on the water, play some beach volleyball, or just hang out at the beach and swimming area. You can also go horseback riding, skateboarding or check out Jibtopia's awesome bar and grill.

  15669 Hwy 119
Semora, North Carolina 27343
United States

(336) 813-0864




  Yes! Everything from wakeboard & bindings, to wakeskates, helmets, & life jackets!

  (3) System 2.0s with cannon rail, jump, flat rail, double flat rail, A-frame with extension.



  Bring your tent, your RV, or rent one of our RV's! We also have a bath-house, complete with 6 bathrooms & 6 showers.







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