WakeScout Advertising Opportunities


WakeScout is recognized worldwide as the online resource where water sport enthusiasts are able to discover and share information about all the places throughout the world to wakeboard, waterski, wakeskate, wakesurf, kneeboard, barefoot ski...whatever water sport they are passionate about.

WakeScout delivers two highly-targeted water sport markets for advertisers.

First, we deliver an extremely focused audience passionate about wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, wakeskating, kneeboarding...whatever water sport it is that drives them.

Whether your company markets wakeboards, waterskis, ski and wake boats, wetsuits, swimwear or sunglasses, our audience has a strong interest in the products you offer.

Additionally, as a directory of water sport locations worldwide, we provide a great opportunity for travel-related companies to offer their services to our audience as they plan their next water sport excursion.

Second, our database of over 2,000 water sport entities all have one thing in common- a need for ski and wakeboard boats, wakeboards, kneeboards, waterskis, wakesurf boards, wakeskates, ropes, handles...everything required to meet the needs of the watersport community.

Target the exact water sport audience you want to reach

While WakeScout has the ability to deliver a worldwide audience of water sport enthusiasts, we can also target your messaging to a specific country, region or continent-whatever is most effective for the products and services your company offers.

What makes WakeScout uniquely qualified to deliver a worldwide audience of water sport enthusiasts?

WakeScout is the only online resource offering riders and skiers worldwide with a comprehensive directory detailing where they can get on the water. Here's how we do it:

> Worldwide scope. Every entity throughout the world that can provide riders and skiers an opportunity to get on the water is represented with a listing on WakeScout.

WakeScout now has over 2,000 listings in 100 countries throughout the world.

Our listings fall into (6) categories, providing the water sport community with a multitude of ways to get on the water-

CABLE WAKE PARKS We have created listings for every cable park in the world. We work very closely with all of the major cable park designers and installers worldwide, including Sesitec, Rixen, Sesitec USA, 2D Cable Parks and Go Ride Australia to keep up to date on full system and 2-tower installations throughout the world as they happen.

SCHOOLS We have listed schools offering instruction and training in a variety of water sport disciplines.

CLUBS The clubs we have listed welcome anyone to join them for the day, providing an opportunity to water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, wakesurf, etc. anytime you're away from home or just looking for a club to join.

RESORTS We have listed resorts offering waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, etc. to their guests. This activity will be either on-site or a very short distance from the resort.

CHARTERS The charter services listed will take you out on the water so you can enjoy your favorite water sport by providing the boat and captain, as well as any gear you require. In most cases they also offer instruction.

SKI / WAKEBOARD BOAT RENTALS We have listed marinas that offer ski and wakeboard boats for rent, as well as waterskis and wakeboards if you are traveling without your gear.


> WakeScout is recognized worldwide as a valuable resource for the water sport community.

The World Wake Association, the Water Sports Industry Association, along with the national governing bodies for water sports in the United States (USA Water Ski), Canada (Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada), the United Kingdom (British Water Ski & Wakeboard), Australia (Waterski & Wakeboard Australia) and Mexico (Federación Mexicana de Esqui & Wakeboard) have all endorsed WakeScout as a valuable resource for their state and provincial organizations, allied schools and clubs, as well as their individual members.

> Every WakeScout listing provides riders and skiers with essential information:

  • Descriptions of all the features and obstacles (rails, kickers, sliders, etc.) at the cable wake parks.
  • Whether there is access to a slalom course or jump.
  • The manufacturer and model of the boat(s) in use.
  • The brand of equipment available for use in case you are traveling without your gear.
  • Photos, videos and user reviews.
  • Complete contact information: Address / Telephone / Website / E-mail / Facebook.
  • Detailed maps of all the locations.

...and much more!

> We provide the water sport community with the ability to contribute and share information about each of our over 2,000+ listings worldwide.

WakeScout is a community-driven site, encouraging everyone to contribute photos, videos and reviews for any listing. This provides riders and skiers with great insight as to what a place is really like.

> Our "Connect on the Water" feature enables WakeScout community members to quickly and easily find or offer "pulls" anywhere in the world.

For anyone traveling, someone new to an area, or just someone looking for others in their hometown to go waterskiing or wakeboarding with, this feature enables WakeScout community members to easily find or offer "pulls" anywhere in the world.

Advertising Opportunities on WakeScout

Display / Banner Ads

WakeScout offers several advantages when it comes to displaying your banner ads to the water sport community-

  • We appeal to everyone that shares a passion for any water sport. All water sport disciplines are represented on WakeScout. At the same time, all ages and abilities are targeted: young and old, beginner to pro- whether they get on the water a few days a week or a few days each season- the common bond every WakeScout community member shares is a passion for getting on the water.
  • Your ads will be presented across all platforms - desktop, tablet and mobile with our responsive design.
  • We limit the amount of ad space on WakeScout so that your message is not going to get lost in the clutter of a multitude of competing ads. Each ad is prominently displayed so it is sure to be seen by our very focused, targeted audience.

Placement Opportunities

Run of Site (ROS) Choosing this option, the following ad sizes are displayed on all of the high-traffic pages found throughout our site:

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

728 x 90 Leaderboard

ROS monthly rate (includes all 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 ads site-wide): $200

Country Specific. Interested in reaching individuals planning a trip to a specific country? Choosing this option provides the opportunity to place banner ads on all of the individual listing pages for every water sport entity in that country.

Rates vary depending on country.

"Featured Listings" on the WakeScout homepage

Prominently displayed on our home page, WakeScout's audience of water sport enthusiasts will gain immediate exposure to your entity as a featured WakeScout location.

This opportunity includes both a full-scale image of your location PLUS your entity listed under our special “Featured Listings” tab.

This premium position will help create awareness for your entity as a water sport destination for riders and skiers worldwide. It is limited to only 10 locations at any one time, creating maximum exposure for your wake park, school, charter, resort, club or boat rental offering.

Monthly rate: $50

Custom social media campaigns


The WakeScout user base is extremely active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our advertising specialists will work with you to create a social advertising campaign that will allow advertisers to reach specific segments of the water sport market.

Please contact us to explore this opportunity in greater detail.

WakeScout e-Newsletter

Our e-newsletter is sent out monthly, reaching an extremely dedicated segment of the WakeScout community, having requested to receive our e-newsletter. Each e-newsletter contains features and valuable information for anyone with a passion for getting on the water.

This is a great opportunity for boat companies; board, ski, equipment retailers; swimwear and active wear retailers; WakeScout listings offering specials...anyone in the water sport industry interested in reaching an extremely dedicated and active segment of the market.

Our monthly e-newsletter provides your organization with 3 effective ways to reach this highly desirable market:

Banner ad. Be the EXCLUSIVE advertiser in our e-newsletter. Your organization will receive 2 ad placements, ensuring your ad will stand out and get noticed.

Price: $25

Featured content. Send us anything you would like to promote about your business and we will publish it in our monthly e-newsletter, up to a maximum of 300 words. Content may be edited at our discretion and will be published with your prior approval.

Price: $50

Dedicated customized e-newsletter Utilizing the content you provide, we will create an e-newsletter dedicated to the product or service you would like to promote and distribute it to our WakeScout subscriber base.

We limit the number of dedicated e-newsletters to no more than 2 each month. By doing so, we are able to keep content fresh while increasing your open rate, making this one of the most highly effective targeted messaging tools available to you.

Price: $100

Direct Mail Lists

Many organizations have taken advantage of the opportunity to send out traditional direct mail pieces to reach the water sport businesses represented on WakeScout- wake parks, resorts, schools, charters and marinas.

Our mailing lists can be segmented to reach only the entity types that are of interest to you, and can be further segmented geographically if your organization has an interest in reaching a specific segment in a defined geographical area.

For example, you may be a wakeboard company and have an interest in sending out a promotional announcement to all the water sport schools in Florida. We can create a specialized list for you, which will include the name and mailing address for each entity.

Pricing will be based on the size and scope of the direct mail list. Please contact us for a price quote.

How to take advantage of our advertising opportunities

To take advantage of any of our advertising opportunities, please e-mail us at: advertise@wakescout.com

You may also call us at (949) 433-5124.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with WakeScout!

WakeScout Site Traffic Data and Demographics

  • Over a quarter-MILLION impressions were delivered in 2015
  • Unique visitors (average month): 88%
  • Impressions (average month): 20,000+
  • Average time spent on site (Direct and Referral traffic): Over 5 minutes
  • Average Pages / Visit (Direct and Referral traffic): 5.97
  • WakeScout e-newsletter distribution: 25,000+ (includes Facebook distribution)

Own a ski / wakeboard boat: 54%

In season, frequency of participation in a water sport:

Daily: 17%
Several times / week: 40%
About 1 time / week: 22%
Several times / month: 11%
About 1 time / month: 7%
A few times / season: 3%

Water Sport disciplines the WakeScout community participates in:

Wakeboard 58%
Waterski 40%
Wakesurf 34%
Wakeskate 21%
Kneeboard 10%
Barefoot 7%
Hydrofoil 6%
Other (Trick ski, Jump, Show ski, Ski Race, Wake Ski, Disabled): 15%

(Total is greater than 100% since many community members participate in more than one discipline.)


USA Distribution:

West Coast 22%
Mountain States 9%
Midwest 21%
East 12%
South 36%


13-17 22%
18-24 34%
25-34 22%
35-44 12%
45+ 10%